A Beginning

I've heard writers say--sometimes in jest--that the first page is always the hardest. The empty white space and the blinking cursor or smooth pen beg to be used, filled, brought to life. I've come to find these helpful to my writing, not intimidating.

Unless I'm writing blog posts.

Something about writing on the internet terrifies me. I'm content to lurk, to read, and to never open my mouth. I don't want to put myself out there.

And yet, I'm also curious about the experiences of other writers. I, for one, have the most annoying cast(s) of characters I could imagine. They argue, they show up in stories where they aren't supposed to, they announce story ideas right before I head to class or go to bed.

This blog is dedicated to those characters. Well, not just them, but characters everywhere. I want to hear your stories, your problems, your ways to cope with your stories.

When your characters collaborate against you, collaborate against them!

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Plamena Schmidt said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! I just started a blog too.