Learning from the Best

As I prepare to start my creative thesis, my love of character has presented itself in a new way: I'm interested in classic characters, figures from literature who continue to enchant and inspire us. For example, I'm currently reading a history of Merlin that explores how Christian propaganda shaped the way we understand the character, and I have checked out Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's letters in an attempt to understand his relationship with Sherlock Holmes.

I would like to start doing a weekly post highlighting one of these characters. Before I do this, though, I need characters. So far, I have Sherlock Holmes, Merlin, and Alice. Post any requests here, because I'd love your suggestions for the research process.

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Toni Elise said...

I am excited to read these posts! I have some suggestions! Note that I am loosely translating "enchant and inspire" to include "haunt" (see number 3, with irony). Feel free to disregard any or all. Or, if you want a guest post... ;)

1. Odysseus
2. Beowulf
3. Hamlet
4. Peter Pan
5. Atticus Finch
6. Jean Valjean
7. Huck Finn
8. Jo March