The dangers of showing your family your Tumblr...

For the first time in two weeks, I am HOME! Mom wanted to know how things have been in the new apartment, and I figured a good summary of it would be to show her my tumblr. Toni and I have a whole tag dedicated to our, uh, antics. My sister interrupted when she saw some of my recent crocheting pics: specifically, the mini Avengers plushies I've been crafting

Prepare for the logic of an adorable little girl: if you count Loki, there are as many main characters in Avengers as the are in our family (7). This means, of course, that I should make Avengers for my family as Christmas presents, because everyone can have a different Avenger! 

From there, the conversation was diverted from my experience as a second-year teacher, headed toward a discussion of which brother was which hero (Iron Man and Captain America were obvious; Hawkeye, not so much). Most memorable was the look on Mom's face. Instead of the incredulous "what are you two up to now?", she just smiled and said "I get Loki." My sister insisted that we watch the movie again so she can choose this hero.

I thought I'd post this not because I love my family because of Avengers fans (well, not ONLY because I love them) but because I'm interested in the way we, as consumers of media, respond to characters. Clearly someone loves the Avengers enough to design free patterns for crocheted plushies. These characters may be fictional, but they have a significant staying power.Here's the question for this week: which Avenger do you relate to most, if any? Is this a healthy comparison to be making?

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