Plotting, plotting, plotting

"No bad thing ever happens to a writer." My English 218 teacher told me this bit of advice that I've never forgotten. Supposedly, this means that a writer can make the most out of any experience. Whether a disaster sets the tone for a novel or allows the writer to grow, either as an artist or as an individual, bad things can become good things. It's a mentality that shouldn't be limited to writers, and it's something I find myself pondering when times are hard.

Today, I'm not here to talk about writing. I want to talk about knitting. (Well, and about having a good attitude. But mostly about knitting.)

So far on my Study Abroad, the biggest disaster (except maybe being sick for Halloween and in Paris) is that I'm allergic to my handknit socks. I don't know if I'm reacting to the socks or the detergent or something else here, but the bottom line is, I can't wear them. It's not a huge deal, I guess--I wasn't any good at knitting socks the times I tried, and I hadn't tried too many times. It's just a bummer because I have so much sock yarn in my stash.

It's time to keep bad things from happening to a knitter.
A few months ago, Yas and Karity and I were talking about blankets. Colorwork blankets, to be specific, knitted out of sock yarn. I wasn't sure I wanted to commit that much sock yarn to a blanket. But, now that I'm having sock problems, it's blanket time!

Here's hoping my attitude stays positive as I figure out how on Earth to use all those colors together.

Meanwhile, who's ready for NaNoWriMo? I'm not!! I mean. Uh. Positive attitude. Let's do this thing! :)

(P.S.: Blogger formatting, I hate you.)

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Hillary M. Knight said...

((uggg, why does commenting on here require a whole new window to open?! it bugs me. grrrr))

Anyway, that's quite a cool mentality there about writers. I think I'll work on applying that to myself. XD

That totally sucks about your socks! :( But I guess now that you get to apply the yarn to something else that's good. :) And let's best to make them fit all could do something like arrange the colors by hues or something, and then have like a center rectangle and then go outward with the colors like ripples in the water. Or you could just have lines (horizontal or vertical) of the colors (all together or smaller lines repeated throughout) and then have that multi-colored yarn be a sort of fringe. :) Hope that sparks some ideas! for NaNoWriMo...I haven't done that much either! :( I want to work on Ralyen but I keep getting all these planning ideas and I'm writing out character bios, working on world-building, and--and...not really writing anything. ^^; But I'm laying groundwork, so that's good right? And then I'm going through all these various comments made through YPublish and that's also taking a lot of time. I'm enjoying reading through your comments, actually. XD They're quite helpful and entertaining. For example--your comment about me writing something involving the glairvel and then you being reminded of Kadaj or having Talsin's name remind you of someone from Merlin or something. XD

I've got to actually get writing though! D: Best of luck to you!